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Discount Enhance Mobility Scooters Q & A

What makes this brand different?

Enhance Mobility only makes a few mobility scooters, but they make them extraordinarily well. The Triaxe Tour, Triaxe Sport & Mobie Plus scooters are among the best travel scooters today. Each of these scooters is crafted to not only help you move around the house but also to get around the world! They are lightweight and efficient, able to be stowed easily into any vehicle without the need of a lift. Better yet, for their compact size, Enhance Mobility scooters have surprisingly high weight capacities, range, and speed. They are also some of the most affordable folding travel scooters today.

What's the best selling Enhance Mobility scooter?

Right now the Triaxe Tour is especially popular. It's powerful, able to up to 18 miles with one charge and has a weight capacity up to 375 lbs. As a small 3 wheel compact scooter, it folds down flat for easy storage. The lithium-ion battery is airline approved, making it one of the best scooters for travel.

What kind of warranty is offered?

The Triaxe models and Mobie Plus mobility scooters are all pre-tested and warranted to be free of defect. A warranty is included with your purchase and covers the frame, electrical components, and the lithium-ion battery.


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